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Bayern Munich 3-1 Gladbach Initial reflections and observations Initial musings and notations (1)
Courtesy: bavarianfootballworks Bayern Munich 3-1 Gladbach Initial reflections and observations

Did the culinary skills of Thomas Tuchel manifest? Affirmative. Bayern Munich orchestrated their most stellar performance of the current annum (a modest claim, given it’s solely February) and overcame the perennially challenging Borussia Mönchengladbach. Though the equilibrium seemed precarious following Elvedi’s exploit from a Neuer mishap amid Bayern’s prolonged dominance, equipoise was maintained, culminating in a substantial comeback triumph.

How can Tuchel entertain doubts about Thomas Müller post this spectacle? The individual seized control, engineering both goals that reversed the deficit. His tally of assists might have soared further, were it not for Leroy Sané’s somewhat erratic finishing.

On the Sané front, is it prudent to harbor concerns? Despite notching another assist today, his goal-scoring endeavors have languished in mediocrity for months. A dose of shooting precision is in order.

Aleksandar Pavlović merits genuine admiration. If he adorned FC Barcelona’s roster with the moniker “Pavli,” his appraisal might easily ascend to 200 million euros.

Alphonso Davies exhibited a commendable resurgence after being benched for Guerreiro in a previous campaign—his partnership with Eric Dier in defense was commendable. We hope his injury is inconsequential.

Sacha Boey marked a commendable debut, yet the prospect of securing playing time might prove arduous in the wake of Noussair Mazraoui’s stellar performance today. The Moroccan was ablaze.

Full time: Bayern Munich 3-1 BMG.

85’ — GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAL! Matthijs de Ligt secures a 3-1 lead from a free kick dispatched by Sané!

85’ — Substitution: Guerreiro replaces Alphonso Davies.

82’ — Alphonso Davies executed an incredible intervention to thwart a Koné cross but seems to have sustained an injury. We hope it’s not severe. Bayern is reduced to ten players.

70’ — GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAL! Harry Kane propels it to 2-1! A goal shaped by Müller’s influence.

61’ — Substitution: Sacha Boey steps in for Noussair Mazraoui. A debut for the new recruit.

45’ — The second half commences!

Halftime: Bayern Munich 1-1 Gladbach.

45’ — GOOOOOOOOOOOOAL! Pavlović secures a 1-0 lead thanks to a sublime pass from Thomas Müller!

34’ — Goal. Elvedi stuns with a 1-0 lead. Unanticipated. Where did this originate?

Kickoff: We’re underway!

One hour until kickoff: Lineups are in! It appears Thomas Tuchel opted to refrain from deploying his recent acquisitions just yet. Bayern Munich adopts a conventional 4-2-3-1 formation with Harry Kane leading the front line. Thomas Müller returns to the lineup for the first time since the Hoffenheim game, while Noussair Mazraoui assumes the right-back position, superseding the new signing Sacha Boey. Bryan Zaragoza earns a spot on the bench. The scheduling architect truly knew how to infuse the impending clash with drama—a week before Bayern Munich and Bayer Leverkusen engage in a pivotal match that could sway the title race outcome, they confront the team historically more troublesome for them.

Borussia Mönchengladbach, distinct from the other Borussia, tends to pose a substantial hurdle for any Bayern Munich tactician. Although Tuchel triumphed in their initial encounter this season, his present squad grapples with key injuries and looming yellow card suspensions. Leroy Sané and Matthijs de Ligt risk missing the Leverkusen match with another booking today. Meanwhile, absentees like Dayot Upamecano, Kim Min-jae, Kingsley Coman, and others compound the challenge.

Tuchel receives a boost with new signings Bryan Zaragoza and Sacha Boey, coupled with Noussair Mazraoui’s return from AFCON. Will these additions tip the scales, or will it once again fall to Harry Kane and company? Or might Gladbach orchestrate another audacious victory?

It’s Bayern time.