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Country music star Collin Raye to perform Saturday at Renaissance Theatre
Courtesy: mansfieldnewsjournal

An icon in the realm of country music, boasting an impressive tally of 16 chart-topping hits, is poised to captivate the audience at the Renaissance Theatre this upcoming weekend.

Scheduled for 7:30 p.m. on Saturday, Collin Raye, with an impressive repertoire of 24 Top 10 hits and 10 nominations for male vocalist of the year, is renowned for delivering soul-stirring, authentic material imbued with candor and opulence.

Chelsie Thompson, the President and CEO of Renaissance, expressed gratitude, stating, “We’re truly privileged to host Collin Raye and his musical prowess on our stage. His mastery of storytelling, evident in numerous hit singles, has resonated with hearts nationwide. Now, it’s our community’s turn to bask in the legacy of his heartfelt performances.”

Raye, a luminary in the 1990s country music scene, is synonymous with chart-toppers like “Love, Me,” “In This Life,” “Not That Different,” and “If I Were You,” with his music becoming emblematic of poignant and emotive occasions.

Frequently woven into the fabric of weddings, anniversaries, memorials, and funerals, Raye’s anthem, “Little Rock,” spurred over 100,000 calls to Alcoholics Anonymous. Hailing from Arkansas, Raye catapulted to stardom in 1991 with the poignant “Love, Me.”

“Not That Different” serves as a plea for tolerance, while “I Think About You” garnered accolades for shedding light on the exploitation of women and children through both its song and video.

Raye, beyond his musical prowess, is a humanitarian In addition to his musical achievements, Raye has consistently used his influential voice to champion various social causes. Throughout the years, he has aligned himself with organizations such as Boys Town, the Special Olympics, Country Cares About AIDs, Easter Seals, and numerous others. In 2001, Raye was honored with the Humanitarian of the Year award by the Country Music Radio Seminar, recognizing his unwavering commitment to leveraging his platform for positive change.

In 2010, following the heartbreaking loss of his 10-year-old granddaughter, Raye, alongside his daughter Brittany, established the Haley Bell Blessed Chair Foundation to commemorate her memory.

The foundation is dedicated to aiding families with cognitive and physical disabilities, emphasizing the provision of wheelchairs and essential medical equipment to enhance the lives of those in need. Raye chronicled his life journey in the autobiography “That’s My Story: The Undefeated Life of Collin Raye,” released in early 2014. Currently residing in Nashville, Tennessee, Raye shares his abode with his daughter and granddaughter.