Elon Musk’s company, X, is recruiting, and the billionaire fondness Diet Coke has announced

Elon Musk's company, X, is recruiting, and the billionaire fondness Diet Coke has announced
Elon Musk's company, X, is recruiting, and the billionaire fondness Diet Coke has announced
Elon Musk with the cans of Diet Coke

In the domain of recruitment, Elon Musk’s enterprise, X, has set forth its intentions to onboard fresh talent, and the magnate with an affection for Diet Coke has hinted at an enticing job perk – the provision of soda dispensing apparatus.

  • X has harnessed its novel job listing platform to scout for adept engineers. Elon Musk, the luminary entrepreneur, responded to these employment solicitations with a tantalizing promise – the installation of soda vending machines within the workplace. This revelation adds a piquant twist to Musk’s predilection for Diet Coke, a penchant that once saw him quaffing eight cans of the fizzy beverage daily.
  • X, previously known as Twitter, has thrown open its doors to prospective employees, with a slew of positions advertised under the aegis of the social media titan’s job listings.
  • One notable proponent of these opportunities is Daniel O’Shea, a denizen of the X ecosystem whose LinkedIn profile identifies him as the Director of Engineering. Interestingly, O’Shea’s professional journey commenced with Laskie, a job-matching startup that made history as Twitter’s maiden acquisition post-Musk, a transaction consummated in May.

It appears that X Hiring has emerged as a pivotal component of Elon Musk’s overarching vision to metamorphose the platform into an all-encompassing “everything app.”

As Musk succinctly put it in a recent tweet, “We’re getting some of those machines that make any kind of soda on demand.” This statement, couched in enigmatic brevity, accompanied a job listing post adorned with three succinct bullet points delineating the salient aspects of the engineering roles. Additionally, it proffered a gateway to an application form, posing the intriguing question: “What exceptional work have you accomplished?”

Linda Yaccarino, at the helm of X as its CEO, disclosed last month that the company was in the throes of an ambitious hiring spree, an endeavor initiated in the wake of workforce downsizing that saw approximately 80% of the personnel being laid off, thus whittling down the employee roster to a mere 1,500 individuals.

The job description alludes to a milieu reminiscent of a startup, where one is afforded the opportunity to unleash innovative features upon a user base that boasts a staggering 500 million members. This speaks volumes of Musk’s exacting standards, which he has consistently upheld throughout his career.

Musk’s professional odyssey commenced with Zip2, his inaugural venture, where he was known to bed down in his office, a practice he perpetuated at X. It’s rumored that he urged his subordinates to adopt a rigorous work ethic, with workweeks extending to a formidable 80 hours.

However, to allay apprehensions concerning an overly demanding work environment, Musk dangles a tantalizing carrot to potential job seekers – the prospect of easy access to soda machines. The billionaire, who at one juncture was known to consume eight cans of Diet Coke daily, responded to an employee who extolled the job posting with an enticing aside: “plus: there’s a ton of diet coke.”

In his own words, Musk quipped, “We’re getting some of those machines that make any kind of soda on demand.” This proclamation, wrapped in a veneer of nonchalance, provides a glimpse into Musk’s quirky sense of humor, a facet of his persona that was immortalized when he framed a jest about Coca-Cola at X headquarters.

As for the culinary perks, Musk had previously extended the generosity of free refreshments and snacks to the denizens of Tesla. However, a change in policy ensued when he assumed control of Twitter last year, requiring Twitter employees to foot the bill for their midday repasts at the San Francisco corporate hub. Musk’s rationale for this decision was that the complimentary lunches were incurring an exorbitant cost, exceeding a staggering $400 per meal.

In the wake of these developments, X has remained reticent, offering no immediate response to Insider’s entreaty for commentary.

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