Exclusively eBike for Labor Day: Urban-Centric Electric Bike, Yours at Just $930

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In the year of its inception, 2017, the pioneering eBike manufacturer, Bird, embarked on its mission to make electric biking accessible to the masses. Today, their innovative A and V-frame eBike models are available at an astonishing 59% off.

Distinguishing these remarkable BirdBikes is the tailored design catering to diverse statures. The A-Frame, engineered for individuals towering at a minimum of 5’8, while the V-Frame is the choice for those falling between the heights of 5′ and 5’10. Both variants boast a potent 500W motor and a remarkable weight capacity of up to 265 pounds.

Employing the motor exclusively, the BirdBike can effortlessly cover a distance of 20 miles. Engaging the Pedal Assist mode extends the journey to a remarkable 50 miles. The integrated dashboard display provides vital information including distance traveled, battery status, and current velocity. Furthermore, the eBike flaunts an IP65 waterproof rating, and its tires are fortified against punctures.

The BirdBikes come accompanied by a dedicated mobile application and a comprehensive security system. Should the bicycle encounter any disturbance or movement, a high-decibel alarm, ringing at 120 decibels, activates and can be promptly disarmed via the mobile app. The BirdBikes are delivered unassembled but include all the necessary tools, components, and an instructive manual.

Make haste; this special Labor Day promotion for BirdBikes concludes on September 4th at 11:59 p.m. PT. Nevertheless, please be mindful that pricing adjustments may occur at any given moment:

In Brief:

Ride1Up’s Labor Day Electric Bike
Ride1Up’s Labor Day Electric Bike

Experience leisurely rides and daily commutes with the BirdBike eBike V-Frame, now attainable at the exceptional rate of $929.97 (originally $2,299) in both white and gray finishes until September 4th.

As the world of electric bicycles undergoes a renaissance, with an emphasis on environmentally-conscious urban transport, BirdBike’s eBike effortlessly marries aesthetics, sustainability, and utility.

Though our automotive devotion remains unwavering, our passion extends to all things motorized, including e-bikes. Yet, the prevailing concern for most remains the prohibitive cost. However, this weekend offers a refreshing exception, as Ride1Up’s Labor Day sale presents a tempting array of e-bikes at discounted prices. Explore the offerings!

This cutting-edge electric bicycle seeks to redefine urban mobility while setting new benchmarks for eco-friendly transportation. Powered by an advanced 500W electric motor system, the BirdBike eBike V-Frame ensures a seamless and efficient journey, conquering steep inclines and bustling city streets with equal ease. It facilitates speeds of up to 20MPH and offers an impressive range of 50 miles, effortlessly bridging the gap between pedal-assist and full-electric modes.

Noteworthy for its aesthetic appeal, the eBike’s carefully sculpted contours harmonize seamlessly with both urban and suburban landscapes. A sleek, integrated LED dashboard furnishes crucial data, including velocity, distance, pedal assist mode, battery status, and more, ensuring you stay informed throughout your ride. Additional features encompass a fully integrated anti-theft alarm and a high-performance carbon drive train, guaranteeing smooth rides on uneven terrain and busy streets.

As affirmed by satisfied user Cam, “My desire for an eBike has long burned within me, and I am ecstatic to have acquired one from Bird! My favorite aspect lies in the ease with which one can switch between modes, offering various options such as e-assist at varying levels, sport, eco, and more. The display is nothing short of exquisite and impressively high-tech. Standing just under 5’2″, I find the V-frame to be an ideal fit.”

This Labor Day, seize the opportunity to save on the BirdBike eBike (V-Frame/White) and the BirdBike eBike (V-Frame/Gray), both now priced at $929.97 (original price $2,299), delivering the most competitive rates available online. No coupon code required.

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