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Groundhog Day Outcomes
Courtesy: theweathernetwork Groundhog Day Outcomes

The verdict is rendered: Canada witnesses a 50/50 split, with an additional ballot from our compatriot Phil in the U.S. leaning towards an early spring. Unprecedented snowfall. Temperature records obliterated. Winter has dominated the initial month of 2024 throughout much of Canada, prompting the age-old query among many Canadians: Is spring on the horizon?

Responses diverge based on the respondent. The Canadian forecasters seem divided, while Punxsutawney Phil in the U.S. advocates for an early arrival of spring. This event, a widely observed tradition in North America every February 2, hinges on folklore stating that should the groundhog perceive its shadow, it becomes apprehensive and retreats to its burrow, foretelling an impending six more weeks of winter. Conversely, under overcast skies, the groundhog lingers, hinting at an imminent early spring.

Similar to their human counterparts, the marmot meteorologists don’t consistently concur on predictions. Presented below is an assortment of forecasts from numerous preeminent weather prognosticators across the continent.

2024 GROUNDHOG DAY OUTCOMES Lucy The Lobster: Barrington Passage, N.S. – Anticipates an extended winter Who asserts that groundhogs alone possess the ability to prognosticate weather?

Lucy, a local luminary, attracted a gathering on this Groundhog Day. Unfortunately, for aficionados of spring, Lucy delivered somber news. She discerned her shadow and foretold six more weeks of winter. Fred La Marmotte: Quebec – Foresees an early spring Following the abrupt and lamentable demise of Fred La Marmotte last year, event coordinator Roberto Blondin affirmed the continuation of the tradition this year with Fred’s successor: Fred Junior.

The declarations were made in proximity to the Permaculture school in Val d’Espoir, where Fred imparted uplifting tidings to those fatigued by winter: spring is imminent! Manitoba Merv – Proclaims an extended winter For over three decades, Manitoba Merv has led local Groundhog Day revelries.

Originally an actor in children’s puppetry at Oak Hammock Marsh Interpretive Centre, Merv has evolved into a Groundhog Day emblem. At around 8 am (CST), Merv made audacious projections, and the outlook is bleak for advocates of spring. Merv, encountering his shadow, solidifies the grasp of six more weeks of frigidity on the Prairies.