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Miller Moss Throws Holiday Bowl-Record 6 TD Passes, USC Football Beats No. 15 Louisville 42-28
Dec 27, 2023; San Diego, CA, USA; USC Trojans wide receiver Tahj Washington (16) celebrates with quarterback Miller Moss (7) after a touchdown against the Louisville Cardinals during the first half at Petco Park. Mandatory Credit: Orlando Ramirez-USA TODAY Sports

In the realm of collegiate football, within the Holiday Bowl’s luminous spectacle, Miller Moss, in his inaugural collegiate commencement, orchestrated an extraordinary performance, etching his name in the annals with an unprecedented six touchdown throws. This symphony of triumph marked the denouement of USC Football’s vexing season, eclipsing the 16th-ranked Louisville with a definitive 42-28 conquest on the stage set for the grand denouement.

The unfolding drama saw Caleb Williams, adorned in a white T-shirt bearing the insignia of his No. 13 jersey, spectating from the sidelines. Williams, the lauded 2022 Heisman Trophy laureate and the presumed paramount selection in the upcoming NFL draft, relinquished the field, providing Moss with an opportune stage.

In a virtuoso display, Moss, orchestrating his symphony with precision, completed 23 of 33 attempts for a staggering 372 yards, marred only by a solitary interception. He not only eclipsed the existing Holiday Bowl record of four touchdown passes, shared among luminaries like Jim McMahon, who etched his mark in BYU’s miraculous 46-45 resurgence against SMU in 1980, but also etched his own name late in the third quarter. Moss, with finesse, lobbed a 12-yard pass to the airborne Ja’Kobi Lane, securing his second touchdown reception of the night and propelling USC (8-5) to a commanding 35-21 lead.

Meanwhile, in the crucible of competition, Isaac Guerendo, the stalwart for Louisville (10-4), shouldered the offensive mantle, amassing 161 yards from 23 carries and crafting three touchdowns with a formidable display of prowess.

The ebb and flow of the contest unfolded with Louisville’s Plummer sustaining a finger injury on his dexterous hand in the early throes of the second quarter. Yet, the resilient athlete endured only a brief hiatus before rejoining the fray, underscoring his tenacity.

For USC, Moss’s ascendancy to the forefront was a revelation, considering his scant 11 appearances across three seasons, where he compiled a modest record of 43 completions in 59 attempts, amassing 542 yards and threading three touchdowns, all without succumbing to interceptions.

As the curtain falls on this chapter of USC’s football odyssey within the Pac-12, a new epoch beckons, with the Trojans poised to commence their foray into the Big Ten come 2024. The inaugural stanza of this venture is set to unfurl against LSU in the vibrant enclave of Las Vegas on the hallowed date of September 1.