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NFL Playoff Picture: Every playoff scenario heading into Week 18
Courtesy: tennessean

In the intricate tapestry of the NFL playoff landscape, the wild card scenario remains enigmatic for both conferences as we approach Week 18.

Within the AFC realm, a quintet of teams engages in a fierce tussle, vying for two coveted wild card spots along with the coveted AFC South crown. Meanwhile, the NFC theater boasts seven contenders, each harboring hopes of clinching a playoff berth in the impending weekend.

The impending clash between the Titans and Jacksonville holds the key for several AFC factions. The Bills and Steelers stand on the precipice of playoff inclusion, contingent upon the Titans orchestrating an upset. Simultaneously, the Texans aspire to grasp the AFC South throne, contingent upon a Jaguars misfortune.

Anticipation heightens for the imminent 48 hours, promising a riveting spectacle. Delve into the intricate web of NFL playoff scenarios below, and revisit throughout the weekend for continuous updates.