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Individuals diligently working on the festive Christmas Day or those with an inclination for their preferred fast-food delights are keen to discern the accessibility of specific chains today.

Given that numerous eateries operate as franchises, their availability during this celebratory season fluctuates from one locale to another. Thus, while one may remain closed, another in your vicinity might be open.

In scrutinizing the commencement and conclusion times for McDonald’s, KFC, Subway, and Greggs, we unearth pertinent details.

McDonald’s Yuletide Operational Hours:
Addressing the query of McDonald’s operational status on Christmas Day, the fast-food giant elucidates, “Only a handful of McDonald’s establishments operate on Christmas Day. Kindly consult the restaurant locator to verify whether your local eatery is open during the Christmas period and the corresponding trading hours.”

KFC Christmas Operational Hours:
The majority of KFC establishments will observe closure on Christmas Day. Nevertheless, one can ascertain the few open ones by referring here. Notably, Deliveroo and Just Eat will suspend services on Christmas Day, while Uber Eats will continue deliveries in select locations.

Subway Christmas Operational Hours:
Given that all Subway establishments function as independent entities, the commencement times for stores throughout the region will deviate based on the franchisee. A significant portion of outlets in Merseyside will shutter on December 25, and certain Subways may also close on Boxing Day, December 26.

Discover your nearest Subway and its operational hours here.

Greggs Christmas Operational Hours:
Greggs outlets in Merseyside will remain shuttered on Christmas Day, with a fraction reopening on Boxing Day.