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Orion Custard Food Poisoning Bacteria Detected 'Surprised and Concerned'
Courtesy: kidd

In an unforeseen turn of events, the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety has made a disconcerting revelation regarding the presence of Staphylococcus aureus, a food poisoning bacterium, in the ‘Orion Custard’ originating from Orion’s 4th Cheongju plant. Consequently, sales of the product have been halted, and a recall has been initiated to address this alarming development.

Manufactured on December 22, 2023, at Orion’s 4th Cheongju plant, the 276-gram ‘Orion Custard’ with a shelf life until June 21, 2024, has left the consumer base both surprised and apprehensive. The product, comprising 12 individual 23-gram confections, has raised significant concerns among the populace.

In the aftermath of this revelation, a wave of inquiries has emerged from consumers seeking information on potential refunds or exchanges for previously purchased items. Simultaneously, there is a palpable sense of disappointment among some patrons who now find themselves treading cautiously when considering future acquisitions of Orion’s products.

Promptly responding to the situation, the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety not only suspended the product’s sale but also issued a comprehensive recall. Consumers, having procured the product, are strongly advised to desist from its consumption and promptly return it to the point of purchase.

These developments have triggered a heightened call within the food industry for more rigorous hygiene management and enhanced quality inspections to prevent the recurrence of such incidents. The imperative for a meticulous approach to hygiene and quality in the food sector has become increasingly apparent in the wake of this bacterial discovery.