Tesla rejected a major union’s claims of health and safety issues

Tesla rejected a major union's claims of health and safety issues

Tesla rebuffed substantial claims made by a prominent labor union regarding health and safety concerns at its Berlin gigafactory. This occurred a few weeks subsequent to an official expressing grave apprehensions about potential fatalities.

Tesla has vehemently refuted allegations put forth by a German labor union and the nation’s media, contending that laborers at the Berlin Gigafactory are subjected to insufficient health and safety provisions, as per a Reuters report.

Official documents from the local governing body have meticulously detailed severe incidents, including burn injuries, cases involving hydrochloric acid, and instances of dismemberment. Reuters has reported that these documents also highlighted an unusually high incidence of work-related accidents at the Tesla factory, necessitating three or more days of sick leave.

A comprehensive investigation conducted by the German newspaper, Stern, revealed that Tesla had reported a staggering 190 accidents transpiring within the factory premises during the six-month period leading up to November 2022. This figure significantly eclipsed the projected 64 accidents calculated based on statistical norms.

IG Metall, the labor union in question, proclaimed a remarkable surge in its membership stemming from Tesla’s workforce. It emphasized that it was not atypical for 30% of the labor force to be medically excused from their duties.

Dirk Schulze, the union’s spokesperson, made an ominous declaration late in September, asserting, “The frequency of workplace accidents we are witnessing is far from ordinary. I am genuinely concerned that, at some point in time, a fatality may occur.”

On the ensuing Tuesday, Elon Musk’s corporate entity vehemently contested the allegations of inadequate health and safety measures within its factory, as reported by Reuters. It contended that comprehensive training was imparted to laborers on imperative safety protocols, and the facility is routinely subjected to inspections by local regulatory authorities.

Tesla has, as of yet, not responded to Insider’s request for commentary on this matter.

This is not the first instance wherein Tesla has faced accusations surrounding the integrity of its safety protocols. In November of the previous year, construction laborers who had contributed to the construction of the Austin Gigafactory disclosed that a subcontractor had employed counterfeit workplace safety certifications.

Furthermore, in the year 2020, Insider disclosed that Tesla had omitted the disclosure of numerous factory-related injuries to California regulatory agencies.

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