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The best foldable phones in 2024
The best foldable phones in 2024 Courtesy: businessinsider

When delving into the realm of the finest foldable smartphones, our determination steered towards endorsing the book-style, tablet-hybrid blueprint over the clamshell-style flip variant. Tablet-hybrid foldable smartphones, albeit being notably more costly, bestow upon users enhanced functionality, superior performance, and extended battery life compared to their clamshell counterparts, which essentially function as voguish status symbols.

In our exhaustive examinations, the OnePlus Open emerged as the supreme foldable smartphone, owing to its commendable performance, opulent design and construction, expansive cover and tablet displays, commendable battery longevity, and stellar photographic capabilities. For those inclined to economize on a foldable smartphone, Motorola’s Razr stands out as a prudent choice, offering affordability without compromising value.

Our Standout Selections for the Premier Foldable Smartphones

  • Best Overall: OnePlus Open – Available on Amazon
  • Best Alternative: Google Pixel Fold – Obtainable at Best Buy
  • Premier Foldable Flip Phone: Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5 – Accessible on Amazon
  • Best Budget-Friendly Foldable: Motorola Razr – Acquirable on Amazon

Best Overall The OnePlus Open, both folded and unfolded. The OnePlus Open reigns supreme among foldable smartphones. Antonio Villas-Boas/Business Insider

OnePlus Open The OnePlus Open secures its status as the preeminent foldable smartphone, courtesy of its reassuringly familiar cover display, expansive tablet display, exceptional performance, superior craftsmanship, and top-tier photographic capabilities.

Amazon Best Buy OnePlus

What We Appreciate

  • Ultra-premium construction
  • Conventional aspect ratio for the cover screen
  • Largest tablet display among foldable smartphones in the United States
  • Swift and smooth performance
  • Outstanding photographic capabilities
  • Robust battery endurance

Aspects to Consider

  • Absence of wireless charging
  • Exclusive support for super-fast charging with proprietary charger

The OnePlus Open delivers an unparalleled user experience, surpassing contenders such as the Google Pixel Fold, Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold 5 and Galaxy Z Flip 5, and Motorola’s Razr Plus in terms of performance, display quality, and camera prowess. Priced at $1,700, it boasts the cutting-edge Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 2, ensuring a seamless, swift, and premium user interface. Its high-resolution OLED displays, operating at a commendable 120Hz refresh rate, contribute to an aesthetically pleasing visual experience, capturing stunning images through its triple-lens camera system.

Distinguishing itself further, the OnePlus Open stands out with its remarkably superior build quality. Its unfolding and folding actions are not only immensely satisfying but also among the flattest when in tablet mode, offering a unique tactile experience absent in other foldable alternatives. The 7.8-inch OLED 120Hz tablet display, surpassing its counterparts with a larger screen than the 7.6-inch displays of other book-style foldables available in the U.S., enhances the visual appeal of various applications, optimized or otherwise, during testing.

However, the OnePlus Open is not without its imperfections. The absence of wireless charging, a notable omission for a $1,700 device, and the potential for softer details in photographs of moving subjects underlines its limitations. The latter aspect reveals a reliance on ample lighting conditions for capturing sharply defined images.

In their inaugural foray into foldable smartphones, OnePlus has undeniably made a resounding impact. The OnePlus Open exudes a level of design and manufacturing prowess that suggests a seasoned tenure in the foldable phone arena.