Tragedy Unfolds as Dozens of Russian Troops Perish in Friendly Fire Mishap Near Donetsk Airport Amidst Chaotic Retreat, Reveals Ukrainian MP

Russian Troops Perish in Friendly Fire Mishap Near Donetsk Airport Amidst Chaotic Retreat
Russian Troops Perish in Friendly Fire Mishap Near Donetsk Airport Amidst Chaotic Retreat
Russian Troops Perish in Friendly Fire Mishap Near Donetsk Airport Amidst Chaotic Retreat
  • In the aftermath of a turbulent retreat, a Ukrainian Member of Parliament has disclosed that a tragic incident occurred, resulting in the unfortunate demise of 27 Russian soldiers due to an unfortunate case of friendly fire.
  • The soldiers, in their frantic attempt to withdraw from their positions in Donetsk, found themselves tragically misidentified as adversary forces.
  • This revelation was shared by none other than Ukrainian legislator Yuriy Mysiagin, who described the Russian retreat as “disordered and bordering on pandemonium.

A tragic incident unfolded near Donetsk airport as over two dozen Russian soldiers met their demise in a most unusual and unfortunate circumstance – friendly fire. This grim occurrence transpired when a hasty and disorderly retreat by Russian troops was tragically misinterpreted as an impending assault, resulting in a catastrophic outcome. Ukrainian Member of Parliament, Yuriy Mysiagin, brought this distressing incident to light on September 10 through a Telegram message.

Mysiagin conveyed that the Russian soldiers had undertaken a chaotic and seemingly panicked withdrawal from their positions. In the midst of this tumultuous retreat, confusion reigned supreme, leading to the catastrophic event that followed. The Russian military personnel, under the impression that they were facing an imminent threat from Ukrainian forces attempting to reclaim Donetsk airport, inadvertently unleashed their own artillery, subjecting their comrades to an onslaught of friendly fire.

Tragically, this harrowing episode resulted in the loss of 27 lives, with an additional 34 soldiers sustaining grievous injuries. Shockingly, nearly half of the wounded individuals suffered the traumatic loss of limbs. Moreover, several pieces of military equipment were irreparably damaged or lost in the chaos.

Colonel Kostyantyn Mashovets, a prominent figure within Ukraine’s armed forces, shared his insights on this unfortunate incident in a Facebook post dated September 10. Mashovets suggested that the calamitous friendly fire was, in all likelihood, a consequence of inadequate coordination among the Russian troops. He expressed his bewilderment at the fact that the enemy’s artillery chose to unleash their firepower not on the front lines or behind Ukrainian positions but directly upon their own ranks and rear areas.

Notably, there has been no immediate response from the Ministry of Defense of Russia regarding this devastating incident, despite inquiries made by Insider during non-standard working hours.

Regrettably, this incident is not an isolated one, as it appears to be part of a recurring pattern within Russian forces. In a similar occurrence witnessed in August, a deputy battalion commander hailing from Ukraine’s 129th Territorial Defense Brigade recounted his firsthand experience to The New York Times. Operating under the call sign ‘Kherson,’ this soldier was actively engaged in combat against Russian forces in the village of Neskuchne as part of Ukraine’s counteroffensive efforts. Kherson disclosed that he observed Russian soldiers launching rocket attacks onto the battlefield even as their comrades were in the midst of retreating, resulting in the tragic demise of their fellow soldiers. In his chilling words, “They buried quite a lot of their own guys,” shedding light on the somber reality of such incidents.

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